Oak Hills Lake Development Association

             Established in 1959

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2022  Lake Dues

Dues will remain the same for the 2022 calendar year -  $200 per household.

See 2022 Invoice 

Please send a check for $200, made payable to:
Oak Hills Lake Development Assoc. (OHLDA) by March 15
, 2022 if possible.


Send check to: 
Susan Puyau, Treasurer
826 W. Lakeview Dr. Baton Rouge, LA  70810


Voting membership in the corporation shall be limited to owners of lake-front real property, being Lots 1 through 57, inclusive, in Oak Hills Subdivision.  "All owners of said lots shall qualify automatically to become members of this association, and may become members upon payment of the membership fees and/or annual dues, and upon agreeing to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of this association. 
Each member shall pay the annual membership fee, and shall pay special assessments as may be assessed by a two-thirds vote of the members on record.  Each holder of membership shall be entitled to one vote regardless of the number of lots owned by said person in the subdivision.  Membership right shall be transferable with the transfer of property only."  

(taken from the Articles of Incorporation of Oak Hills Lake Development Association, July 1959)

Only paid members are able to use the lake or vote at the general membership meeting.  All boats in the lake must have a sticker (given to members who have paid their dues) and home lot number affixed to their boat.

Lake Membership.....

Provides funds for:  
             *  The upkeep of the lake and lake property
                          Clean up of walkway by weir     
The upkeep of the lake and lake property
                          Study and maintenance of fish population
                          Study and maintenance of lake water quality
             *  Social events on the lake
                          Annual Crawfish boil
                          Annual Membership Meeting

Allows current members to use the lake:
              * Only paid members are able to use the lake - All boats in the lake must have a sticker
                (given to members who have paid their dues) and home lot number affixed to their boat.  

              * Only paid members can vote at the general membership meeting  

Dues have recently been used to:

1.  Purchase and install an air compressor near the weir that pumps air to 6 diffusers around the bottom of our lake.  Purchase and install 1 circulator to improve the finger, which pumps to circulate high volumes of water at high velocity within this cove. (2010) The ultimate goal is to restore our lake to its original natural condition for fishing and for bird and wildlife watching.
2.  Pay for electricity to run the pumps and circulator.
3.  Purchase bird banger guns to keep cormorants from feeding on bass fingerlings.
4.  Trim the oak trees and put sod in the E. Lakeview circle to prevent trash from washing into the lake.
5.  Lake cleanup, maintenance, pond products and hiring Mark McElroy to spray all areas of the lake that had pennywort and other aquatic plants.
6.  Fish stocking, lake insurance, printing supplies for newsletters and other announcements to lake residents, and to finance lake events.
7.  Hire a lake consultant (Mark McElroy, retired from Wildlife and Fisheries) to advise, check water quality, and oversee yearly stocking of the lake. NOTE:  Yearly stocking of the lake is not longer required!!  Bass are doing great!

8. Do a lake drawdown from Nov. 2013 - Feb. 2014, Nov. 2016 - Feb. 2017,  Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020.

9.  Continue maintenance on the Lake circulator and diffusers as needed.

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