Oak Hills Lake Development Association

             Established in 1959

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Lake Association Documents
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Current documents of Oak Hills Lake Development Assn.

Articles of Incorporation of Oak Hills Lake Development Assn.

(July 28, 1959)

Amended and Adopted 2020 Bylaws of Oak Hills Lake Development Association (October 20, 2020)

New!   Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Oak Hills Place, Lots 1-141

The above Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Oak Hills Place have been listed for many years on the Greater Oak Hills Civic Assn. (GOHCA) website.  They have now been added to the Oak Hills Lake Development Assn. (OHLDA) website on 8/1/2021, because it describes the Lake residential lots that are also included in the First Filing, Lots 1-141. These covenants & restrictions were signed March 29, 1957 and recorded May 14, 1957.  More information can be seen on the GOHCA website.

Previous Version(s) of Bylaws

Bylaws of Oak Hills Lake Development Association
(last  amended March 2008) 

Proposed changes to By-Laws 2019: 

Changes are marked line by line.  These were delivered to your door Aug. 1st, along with the Aug. 1st newsletter.  Voting will take place at the annual General Meeting on Oct. 21, 2019.

A vote was taken at the meeting TO  POSTPONE THE VOTING and present the Bylaws again at the 2020 meeting.

A Board Meeting was called for Oct. 20, 2020 and conducted via a Conference Call due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Thirty-eight proposed Bylaws letters were mailed out to Oak Hills Lake members (including 1 board member). 
Twenty-two (22) were returned - only 1 vote was opposed to the Bylaws.  In addition,  the remaining nine (9) board members voted for the proposed Bylaws.  The vote was 30 for and 1 against the proposed Bylaws.  

Oak Hills Lake Weir and Dam Study

2019-12-23 - Stein Lasseigne, a structural engineering group, did the following Limited Structural Evaluation of Oak Hills Lake Weir and Dam, Baton Rouge, on Dec. 23rd, 2019

Click here to read the 1st report - Dec. 23, 2019
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Platt of  OHLDA   Lake - 1st filing

January 12, 2021 - Thanks to Walter Smith, OHLDA Board member, for his research 
into finding the original plat of our Oak Hills Lake that was filed on April 11, 1957.


The filing and signing of the original plat of the Oak Hills Subdivision on April 11, 1957 by the City Parish Director of Public Works and the Director of the Planning Commission.
That plat shows the area described as an embankment servitude, in the detail reproduced below: 
Taken from a letter recently sent to Mayor President's office, Councilman Chandler Loupe, and the Head of Maintenance by

Walter Smith.

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