Oak Hills Lake Development Association

             Established in 1959

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2023 Lake Board

New Elected Board (for 2023) at the General Meeting on
Mon. Oct. 24th, 2022

President:  Roy Johnson

V. President: Peter Kovacs

Secretary: Jerry Goss

Treasurer: Mike Puyau
Social:  Mary Dunbar

Lake Resources:  Mike Montalbano

Martha Austin: website/newsletter

Members at Large:

Fletcher Baker
Jackie Lauve

Ralph Lorio
Susan Puyau

Walter Smith

Mark McElroy: Oak Hills Lake Consultant

2022 Lake Board

President - Michael Puyau
Vice President - Roy Johnson
Secretary - Jerry Goss
Treasurer - Susan Puyau

Social - Mary Dunbar

Lake Development Resources - Mike Montalbano

Newsletter & Website -
-  Martha Austin
Other 2022 Board Members:

Steve Baker

Jackie Lauve
Keith Miller 

Walter Smith 

Oak Hills Lake Consultant 

 - Mark McElroy 


Last night, Oct. 12, 2022, several cars were rummaged through during the night.  Other neighbors also had their vehicles approached, a gun was stolen from 1 car and another car was stolen.

The Sheriff's Office was notified and they will be patrolling!


Reports of Suspicious behavior/incidents/vehicle break- ins reflect some as early as 3:20am-5:00 am, some in the morning-afternoon, and some in late evening hours.

(225) 389-5074 & report it!!

Oct. 26, 2022 - At least 6 more cars were broken during the early hours of Oct. 27th.   Front seat passenger windows were broken & the car pockets were gone through.  At least 1 car was stolen.  The EBRSheriff Dept. was notified and came out.  Our security cameras are being checked by the Sheriff's office.  It appears that the robbers are looking for guns.

Please do not leave ANY guns or valuables in your cars!
Other ideas:

Install a security alarm and cameras, keep lights on at night, call EBR Sheriff if you hear anything unusual.  Barking dog(s) inside or outside may help alert the owners to a crime being committed

If your car is broken into --

For non-life-threatening crime, call the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office at 
(225) 389-5074 & report it!!

Website: ebrso.org/GET-IN-TOUCH

2023 Lake Dues 

The Oak Hills Lake Development Assn. 2023 dues are due in March, 2023.  The Annual Dues Notice were mailed out on in the 1st quarter of 2023.
*Click below to print out a copy to fill out & mail back with your dues!

2023 Oak Hills Lake Association Dues

For more information on Lake Membership, click here.

NEW Information

NOTE;  Newsletters can be also be found by clicking on the "More" tab & finding the Newsletters Tab.

2022 Lake Meetings

    2022 Quarterly Meetings:

Oak Hills Board Meetings are generally held quarterly, on the 2nd Tuesdays in January, April, July, and October.

Tues. Jan. 11, 2022 – 6:30  via Zoom meeting was called to order by Mike Puyau.  Due to COVID-19  pandemic, it was not held in person.

Tues. April 12, 2022 – 6:30 - At the home of Roy & Pinney Johnson 

Tues. July 12, 2022 - 6:30 - At the home of Mike & Susan Puyau

Tues. Oct. 11, 2022 – 6:30  at the home of Jackie & Matt Lauve.

General Meeting - Mon. Oct. 24, 2022 at the home of Mary Dunbar.

LSU Hilltop Arboretum

Hilltop Arboretum 

2022 PlantFest! Members-only (you all!) Plant Sale Friday, October 14, 9:00AM-7PM and
Saturday, October 15th from 9AM to 4PM

Click on the Hilltop Arboretum 
link above or go to:

The LSU Hilltop Arboretum, which adjoins Oak Hills Place, is a wonderful 14 acre woodland of natural trees, shrubs, and flowers, native to Louisiana .  

The Arboretum is open to the public free of charge during daylight hours seven days a week.  The entrance to Hilltop is from Highland Road .  Self-guided tour maps are located on the grounds of the Arboretum.    


Oak Hills Lake Development Association was incorporated in Oak Hills Place Subdivision in July, 1959.  Our purpose is to unite the lake front property owners in order to maintain and improve the beautiful 12 acre Oak Hills Lake. 

See also Greater Oak Hills Civic Association  for more neighborhood news.

Lake Drawdown - Nov. 2022 - Feb. 2023

The 2022 season on our lake started fine - our lake was healthy and the fish and wildlife were abundant!  Some of the reasons for our "great lake":  

Mark McElroy - our lake consultant, our friend, and our knowledgeable
"go-to"person who knows how to maintain a neighborhood lake!  Mark is retired from the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries and lives in our neighborhood.  Through his good advice, we have added circulators and aerators to add oxygen into the lake and we have established a timeline for maintaining the lake, which includes drawing down the lake by about 4-6 feet to expose the banks.  This helps to break down some of the leaves that have accumulated over time, gives homeowners a chance to remove debris and leaves from their property, and a chance to add or maintain their bulkheads.  This generally occurs in Nov. and lasts until Feb. every three years.

In early April 2022, Hydrilla was discovered in our lake and quickly spread from the fingers of the lake to cover most of our lake.  Hydrilla grows from the bottom of the lake & duckweed & algae cling to the Hydrilla.  Hard rains can shake loose the duckweed & algae so it will cycle out of our lake.  But the summer drought kept the all of the duckweed & algae on the surface of our lake, as the Hydrilla continued to grow beneath the water.  Genetically modified grass carp were purchased to help control the Hydrilla.  The fish are slowly maturing and will be larger & more ready to do their job in the spring of 2023.  Mark will monitor the carp and if needed, we will purchase more carp to help control the Hydrilla.

Our 4th Lake Drawdown begins Nov. 1, 2022 and goes through Feb. 2023.  At our General Meeting on Oct. 24, 2022, Mark advised that when the lake is lowered, residents can dig up & remove the leaves & debris from their lots.  Just do not rake the debris!  Instead, dig it up and remove it permanently!

Also, if you have a water garden on your lot, PLEASE DO NOT BUY PLANTS OFF THE INTERNET!!!.  These will be be local plants and could introduce many more aggressive plant species to our lake!

Invasive Apple Snails:  The Lakeside Home Owners Assn. has discovered Apple Snails in their neighborhood lakes.   Please read this article
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Storm Drains   Into Oak Hills Lake

Help maintain our storm drains!

Flooding/Drainage Information from Oak Hills Lake Development Association from
President, Rob McConnell, Ruth Kovacs, and other Lake Residents:

     On May 17, 2021, during an estimated 13.7” deluge of rain, many Oak Hills Place residents on the lake and other resident’s homes within the Greater Oak Hills Neighborhood and Iberville Terrace neighborhoods were flooded. The flooding was the result of our street storm drains not being able to handle the amount of rainwater within a short period of time because the storm drains are not cleaned out – not from the lake overflowing.
     This happens when debris from lawn mowing is blown into the drains, limbs are stacked on top of the drains and washing into them, leaves are not picked up, but allowed to wash into the drains, and other debris & sometimes toxic chemicals are poured down these drains. These storm drains then flow into our neighborhood lakes, causing damage to the fish, environment, and health of the lake, as well as stopping up our neighborhood drainage system, which then can cause homes to flood from the streets.
     We are asking everyone to contact the Maintenance dept. to check your drains. If the whole neighborhood system was functioning even 20% better, that may be enough to stop some of the flooding. So please take the time to put in service requests!

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SECURE items intended for trash & recycling pickup.  Wind could easily blow these items into a storm drain.
DISPOSE of debris with a broom rather than a water hose.  Hosing will send unwanted debris into the storm drain.
KEEP litter & yard debris clear from storm drains.  Litter is easily carried into storm drains by wind and rain.
PICK UP after pets.  Bring extra bags to dispose of waste properly.
PROPERLY STORE household items to prevent them from falling over and leaving your property.

Litter, leaves, and other items that enter storm drains are not treated at a wastewater treatment plant.  They flow directly to streams, rivers, & lakes without treatment, harming plants & wildlife and contributing to street-level flooding by blocking water flow.

Drainage work on W. Lakeview Dr.

Sept. 15, 2020 - email from Steve Baker:

The city parish has a crew repairing the drainage pipe from the street to the lake today.
It will help with street flooding in my area of W. Lakeview.  

New aerators installed in the finger.

Most of you got this email from Rob on Sun, Mar 22, 2020:

New aerators are installed in the finger

The new aerators/diffusers are installed in the finger. Thought I would share some pics (attached) from this morning.

Also, the water level is still at least 18” low but I was still able to get all the way to the back end of the finger with my trolling motor.

The last diffuser is almost at the end of the finger, within about 25 yards of the large storm drain, and the other 3 are spaced apart at about 50 yard intervals going back out towards the main pond from there. 


Lake Maintenance

Dues are a very important part of maintaining our beautiful lake.  In 2021, the largest expenses were $6,000 to replace circulators and $4,000 for expenses related to obtaining a new grate for the weir, which was damaged during the May 2021 rain deluge.  Ongoing vigilance to maintaining our circulators is critical for keeping the lake clear & the fish happy!  We are also keeping an eye on the drains in the neighborhood, to prevent any flooding incidents in our neighborhood streets.

Plans are being discussed for our next lake drawdown (our 4th) to be scheduled for Nov. 2022.  We are very hopeful that this time the rain will stay away!

NOTE:  Lake membership is limited to the 55 owners of the lake lots around our 12 acre lake, which is located in Oak Hills Place.  Every lot owner on the lake is eligible for membership.  To become a member, lot owners must pay a yearly membership fee which begins each new year in January.  Only paying members may launch boats or fish in the lake.  

Rob McConnell has printed new OHLDA decals for current paid members to put their boats.  Boats must have a lot number and a current OHLDA decal displayed on both sides of the bow of your boat.  Rob suggests that the best way to make the decals stick to the boat is to clean the area with denatured alcohol prior to applying the decals!  The new decals will have a vinyl base and last longer.  Members contact Rob McConnell -  call or text him at 901-299-8163 or email him at rmcconn3@comcast.net 

Thanks to Mary Dunbar, who sketched the original drawing on the decal several years ago!


Planning Timeline for Lake Maintenance

2022  Weir Cleaning Schedule


Jan.............Steve Baker

Feb.............Rob McConnell

Mar.............Boyd Helm,                                                    Adrianne Bourgeois

Apr............. Roy Johnson

May............ Russell Babin

Jun............ Brian Hanchey

Jul............. Mike Puyau

Aug............Walter Smith

Sep............Ralph Lorio

Oct.............Paul St. Dizier

Nov.............Steve Baker

Dec.............Rob McConnell

Contact:  Russell Babin at  rababin@cox.net  if you need to change your month or have any problems.  Thanks to all our 2022 volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer, please let Russell know that you're interested in the fall prior to 2023!


1. Be safe. Be careful not to twist your ankle on the grating.

2. Check the weir for blockage at least once a week.

3. Check the weir for blockage after any rains.

4. Watch the weather forecast and check the weir for blockage before any big storms.

5. During big storms (1+ inches) during the fall/winter, I usually check the weir during a lull in the rain to avoid anything "getting out of hand".

Bring a flashlight at night if necessary.

6. Keep the grates with smaller openings propped up and out of the way. They just plug up the weir faster.

7. Bring a small trash bag to haul off the small non-biodegradable stuff (cans, bottles, paper, toys, etc.) 8. I simply push the small organic stuff (leaves, pine needles, twigs) through the grating.

9. I stack the larger stuff (branches, boards, fence posts, etc.) by the street. The city will haul it away.

10. Watch out for floating clumps of elephant ears near the weir. Break them up and get them out of the water. They can quickly plug the grating.

11. If things get out of hand during a big storm and the lake water level keeps rising, call other weir team members for help.

12. If you will be out of town during your month, find a back up to check the weir for you.

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